Twists and Turns

Twists and turns. I believe that is the best way to describe this past year for John and I. Twists and turns. One minute we were thinking about moving to Scotland, the next I was looking at graduate schools in Colorado for counseling. A few weeks later, we forked out way too many dollars for … Continue reading Twists and Turns


2016: A Year of Seeds

Most mornings for John and I begin somewhere between 5 - 6 AM. Whoever gets up first rolls over, blindly silences the alarm, and then heads straight for our old school coffee maker. After we finish our morning routine (working out/reading/staring blankly into our coffee...), we meet in the bathroom, glance in the mirror at … Continue reading 2016: A Year of Seeds

love Is.

Recently, I have been exploring different forms and styles of writing. Through much experimentation and communicative shots in the dark, I have found free verse to be a medium through which I can most accurately represent my abstract heart. Free from rhyme or rhythm, enjoy!   Love is. Love covers a multitude of sins instead of avenging … Continue reading love Is.